I increased my strength, balance and now feel more confident doing everyday tasks thanks to Living Longer Living Stronger!

George Watson, Australind


Referral System

Living Longer Living Stronger has a strong history of referral and with the introduction of our tiered health system we have made it even easier for professionals to recommend appropriate services for their clients.

A General Practitioner referral is required into the program - as the General Practitioner has access to the entire health and prescription history of each client. They can now refer patients directly to an appropriate Living Longer Living Stronger provider depending upon their patients' health conditions and contraindications.

Tier One providers of the program are exercise physiologists or physiotherapists who have the skills and experience to deal with those participants who have chronic conditions or are in need of rehabilitation services.

Tier Two providers are professional fitness instructors who have completed extra Living Longer Living Stronger training and are equipped to deal with those participants with minor health conditions.

Referral forms and practitioner instructions are available below.

Instructions for Patient Referral Direct to a Provider:

1. Complete the PDF Referral Form here

2. Click here and scroll down to locate the nearest Provider. The Provider list is in alphabetical order. A printable list is available here.

3. Option 1 - Click on the provider's email address and attach the completed Doctor Referral Letter (and summary of medical and prescription history) and hit send.

Option 2 - Print out the Doctor Referral Letter (and summary of medical and prescription history) and the printable list and give this to your patient who can then take it directly to their provider to commence the assessment process.

4. From here the participant will be assessed. Please note that Tier One providers can be referred on Chronic Disease Management plans and participants may be able to claim from their private health cover (dependant on their level of cover).

5. A personalised program will be devised by the trainer and the participant will be shown through this program.

6. Participant attends the Centre and commences on their journey to renewed health and fitness.

For Participants, Providers, and Instructors:

1. Download the step by step instructions on becoming a Living Longer Living Stronger Participant here .
2. Download and print the Doctor's Referral Letter form here.
3. When the GP makes a referral to a Tier 1 or Tier 2 Provider, you can select an appropriate level provider in this directory here or by downloading this hardcopy version here .
4. Contact the Provider and book in for an Assessment!